A rose by any other name…

Looks like I am the only one of the six of us to have a rose named after her!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!



To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’…aka ‘The Scarlet Letter’


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Preview snippet from “Six of One” by JoAnn Spears, arriving Fall, 2011

From Chapter Thirty-Two, Anne Boleyn Holds Dolly Spellbound

The set and curve of a French hood suited Ann Boleyn’s face and neck perfectly. I could see why she had imported the style from France when she had returned to England from there in 1522. Absolutely everything else about Ann Boleyn’s outfit was flattering to her, as well. Her flattish bustline, slender waist, and middling height were set off to perfection by the cut of her dress, which was innocent of ornament other than her trademark “B” necklace. She surpassed the five more elaborately dressed wives in elegance even though she was dressed so simply, like a Renaissance Audrey Hepburn in a little black dress. She looked so sophisticated that I was a little surprised when she initiated our tête-à-tête by pointing out the obvious.

Click on the Hampton Gallery Family Portrait below to find out what happened to Ann Boleyn’s necklace.

I can say it now with all honesty…Jane Seymour bites


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My preview snippet from “Six of One”  AB

“Six of One”, coming out in Fall, 2011!

From Chapter Twenty-Four, Wherein the Wives Determine “Who’s on First?”

For all her demureness, Jane was like a pit bull when it came to letting go, and she was like a pit bull in one other way, as well: seeing Ann Boleyn about to smite her on the cheek again, Jane very smartly deflected the blow with a hearty bite to the fleshy part of Ann’s open hand. To my surprise, Ann opted to take the high road on this occasion and did not bite back. Instead, she swung around to Katharine of Aragon and motioned for the next draw of the cards. No one objected; in fact, Anne of Cleves quite glowed with approval. The card Ann Boleyn selected was the six of hearts. Throwing her head back again in exquisite laughter, she was, for a moment, true to her motto, the most happy.

“It looks as though I am going to have the last laugh for once, doesn’t it?”

From The Anne Boleyn Files